[Korea Daily] Confrontation Strategy for Port Congestion Seminar

2015-02-16 22:24

Due to logistical chaos of LA and Long Beach port protracting for 8 months, 'Confrontation Strategy for Port Congestion' seminar was held to overview the cause and solutions for 4 days in LA Korea Town JJ Grand hotel.

In this event, LA Consulate General (Consul General Kim Hyeon-Myeong), as well as the KOTRA, the Korean American Logistics Association (KALA), Korean Investors and Traders Association (KITA), Overseas Korean Traders Associations in LA (OKTA), Korean American Customs & Trade Study Forum (KACTS) as such related organizations have participated in this seminar and have earned its special meaning as 'the community’s strategic meeting'.

In particular, as the first part of the seminar, Eugene Seroka, executive director of the LA Port held his first meeting in public with the Korean community ever since taking office in May last year to provide detailed description of the current situation and countermeasures.

In Part 2, professionals such as customs broker and lawyer and practitioners from KOTRA, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Korean national merchants companies including Hanjin, logistics companies, and trucking companies took part in the seminar as a panel and suggested practical alternatives. Exceeding 150 seats reserved, more than 170 people attended on a weekday morning, reflected as high interest among Koreans.

J.J. Kim, the principal attorney at J.J.Kim & Associates has stated, "while the shipping companies and terminal vendors may be exempted from a lawsuit in accordance with the terms of the agreements, it is structured for suppliers unable to avoid the suffrage of lawsuit due to delivery delay.

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