[Korea Times] OKTA LA the 3rd Women’s Startup Trade School : 4.8.2017

2017-04-18 21:58

On April 8, OKTA LA held the 3rd Women’s Startup Trade School (“WSTS”) at Dongguk University, LA.

The event was filled with passion of ambitious startup entrepreneurs dreaming their ways to succeed. Around 170 people participated, which include the trade school attendants, lecturers, corporate booths, and OKTA LA officials. There were also some people who came the long distance from San Diego, San Francisco and Arizona to attend the event.

The topic of the 3rd WSTS was ‘You Must Change’ and the program went on with 11 lecturers from diverse backgrounds sharing their knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

J.J. Kim, the principal lawyer at ACI Law Group, PC, gave a lecture regarding ‘The CEOs and the Terminologies Used in Trade and Commerce’. The lecture was mainly about the terms used in the real international transactions and how the CEOs might confront to nowadays fast changing world economy.

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