[Chosun Daily] Hanjin still needs additional funds to proceed with unloading: 09.11. 2016

2016-09-19 23:24
As Hanjin Shipping begins to unload at the United States port, attention is gathered on whether Hanjin Shipping will be able to enter upon a new phase with (court rehabilitation procedures), which began as legal management of Hanjin.

However, they still need additional funds to proceed with normal unloading operations.

Attorney J.J. Kim from J.J. Kim and Associates says “To finalize the Hanjin Shipping situation, remaining balance must be paid to oil companies, unloading fees to terminal companies, and railway transportation fees must be settled.” He added that “Hajin’s emergency funding of 100 Billion Won is a mere sprinkling of water on a desperate dry land, and is in dire need of the government and creditor’s support.”

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