[Korea Daily/Korea Times] Labor Law Seminar: 8.26.2016

2016-08-26 22:30

With extensive information, and new labor laws constantly being enacted, which many times differ case by case on the field can cause many related law suits. Thus to business owners, labor law compliance is regarded as one of the constant challenges and dilemmas.
Hence, Korean Investors and Traders Association of Southern California, Inc (KITA) (President Deok Jin Choi) held a seminar on the 25th, at J.J. Grand Hotel, regarding “2016 Labor Law Updated for HR and Top Management”, and attorney J.J. Kim, President of J.J. Kim and Associates, P.C. was there as a presenter.
Attorney J.J. Kim emphasized that “Overtime hours should be thoroughly recorded, employee hiring and terminating process should be executed in a consistent manner and employee handbook must be completely and meticulously made to prepare for any future litigations”.

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