[Korea Daily] Seeking for Expansion of Trade with Asia-Pacific Countries: 3.17.2016

2016-03-18 23:41

Pacific Trace & Culture Alliance held '2016 International Business Symposium' for the purpose of expansion of trade and cultural exchanges with great success.

The event was hosted by the Pacific Trade and Culture Alliance (PTCA: President J.J. Kim) and Indonesian-American Business Committee on the 16th at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel. More than 200 trade officials attended the event, including the Indonesian embassy, Thai consulate and Los Angeles Consulate General.

The main agenda of the event was to discuss and offer solutions to deviate from China's trade market which is slowing down, and promote trade in Southeast Asian nations that has high potential in growth.
President J.J. Kim stated that "entrepreneurs were able to seek new businesses through matchmaking and share information with government officials of each country through active participation." He requested active support and interest of Korean companies stating "PTCA will provide variety of information to promote trade in Southeast Asian countries."

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More Info About PTCA: http://www.ptcanetwork.org/