[Korea Daily] The Only Korean Certified Maritime & Admiralty Law Specialist in CA: 12.2.2015

2015-12-11 17:42

The Only Korean Certified Maritime & Admiralty Law Specialist in California that the Mainstream Society Has Recognized

J. J. Kim is the only Korean maritime law attorney in California. He leads a law firm, ‘J.J Kim & Associates (hereinafter JJ Kim)' providing a differentiated legal services at the same level of large law firms. Through J.J Kim & Associates, one can receive comprehensive legal services such as maritime law, transportation law, customs law, international trade law, commercial law, labor law, real estate law, and asset management.
Attorney Kim, a lawyer who is originally from a large trade law firm says with confidence that "litigation with large-scale law firm with more than 2,000 associated is no problem." Currently, his law firm consists of only 10 full-time lawyers, but through national network, outside experts that are optimized for the litigation is put the case for assistance.

Attorney Kim configures a project team (Task Force Team) once the litigation is started. Only the top lawyers from each expert pools are selected to become a team, and a law suit time line is created to plan a strategic approach to win the law suit.
J.J. Kim emphasized that his law firm is “not behind or lesser in value and standard” than widely known professional large scale law firms in handling “Law suits from US Companies to South Korean companies, to international trade, International sales disputes”
Unlike other usual maritime specializing law firms, J.J. Kim provides comprehensive legal services across all areas of business activities. He handles cargo transportation-related claims, lawsuits violate international trade agreements, trade collections, licenses and consulting services, logistics and trading company, and frequent labor law issues that occur with employees and employers in business.

He cited an international dispute litigation worth millions of dollars as a success story. It was a case where a company was sued from a foreign manufactures as Korean cargos carrying garments produced in china and Asian countries were detained in the process of supplying them to Wal-Mart and/or Target. The litigation continued for over a year, but the case was eventually closed with the verdict in favor of more than $1 million. He also held the best defense cases for employers in regards of labor law.

Attorney Kim is recognized by many government agencies for his expertise in maritime law without any special marketing activities and tactics. As an active member of Marine Association, and also a member of the Long Beach Bar Association, and the head of the Maritime Law Division, he is broadening the scope activities in trade and logistics.
He is known as a the world’s leading expert in US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) activities to the relevant customs and origin verification specialists and Korea Customs Service, Korea International Trade Association, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Korea Large law firms, mainstream Chamber of Commerce, a large number of South Korea conglomerate (LG Electronics), and various trade organizations Trade Act, Customs Act, Verification of Origin for Korea - US Free Trade Agreement.

He has received the Presidential Award from President Myung-Bak Lee in 2012 while working at a large trade law firm, Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg (Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg). He was also awarded the Commerce Award from Congressman Loretta Sanchez, and received a leadership award from the Lieutenant Governor of California. In addition, he received Outstanding Service Award from Congressmen, Senate, and County Supervisor, and significant recognition for his expertise in mainstream society.
Attorney Kim showed his aspirations and aims “to achieve $100 million revenue 10 years from now” and strives to be the best in the field and be recognized not only by the Korean Community but the mainstream society.

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