Hanjin Shipping Rehabilitation Claim - List of Creditors: 10.11.2016

2016-10-11 23:11
Hanjin Shipping Rehabilitation Claim - List of Creditors
한진해운 회생채권 등록현황

Make sure that your company is on the list below as a CREDITOR.
귀사가 한진해운 한국파산법정에 채권자로 등록되어 있는지 확인하시기 바랍니다.

Rehabilitation Creditor List - 회생채권자 등록 명단 Click this link

If your company is not on the Creditor List you must file a claim with the court or your claim will not be considered.
All creditors, those who hold rehabilitation claims and/or rehabilitation security rights must file their claims within the specified period: October 11, 2016 ~ October 25, 2016.

The deadline to file is October 25, 2016 by 6:00pm Korean Time (GMT+9).

Filing in the Korean Courts is significantly different from their United States counterparts, for this reason, and because all noncomplying claims will be rejected, it is important to retain attorneys familiar with both the United States and Korean Court systems, and that have the ability to properly translate and file documents in the Korean language.

Our office is currently preparing claims for clients, and has the abilities necessary to file successful claims in this matter with the Korean Bankruptcy Court. Please contact our office without delay to ensure your claim is properly submitted and accepted by the Korean Bankruptcy Court in this matter.

한진해운에 대해 클레임이 있고 위의 채권자 명단에 귀사가 없다면 반드시 아래의 신청기간 안에 서류를 접수해야 합니다. 관련된 모든 서류는 한국어로 번역하여 제출해야 합니다.

신청기간: 10.11.2016 ~ 10.25. 2016 6:00pm (한국시간)
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