Implementation of Food Safety Modernized Act (FSMA) Postponed Two Years

2016-09-04 22:22
Food Safety Modernized Act (FSMA) and several regulations which were dated to be implemented starting September 2016, have been postponed two years. On August 24, 2016, FDA notified the federal bulletin of the delayed implementation of Food Safety Modernized Act.

In order to ensure the safety of all foods being distributed in the United States, food manufacturing and exporting companies in the U.S. must create and perform a written form of food safety plan, and through it, must be able to prevent in advanced that  may be potentially hazardous. Food safety plans must be reviewed regularly, and assessment of risk and hazards must be performed from the purchasing of raw materials, and beginning of the entire supply chain.

FDA’s delaying of the implementation is to better establish the entire supply chain related to the FSMA. FDA’s execution plan has originated from a strong determination to ensure a better supply chain, and reflects the realistic development period for a new amendment to be applicable.

For instance, when hazard and risk factors of food manufacturing and processing facilities are assessed, one must receive a written approval from the client, confirming that the manufacturing process is in compliance with the provisions of the FSMA. The original execution dates of this regulation, depending on the size of the manufacturer, was set between 9/19/2016 to 01/27/2020, but has been postponed to be between 09/19/2018 to 01/26/2022.

For facilities that simply operates the packaging of agricultural products, the execution date of FSMA’s regulation, depending on the size of the manufacturer, was set between 9/19/2019 to 09/17/2019, but has been postponed to be between 01/26/2018 to 01/26/2021.

The implementation date of safety verification system which will also be applied to import companies under the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), and Food Contact Substance registration program have been postponed to be between 05/30/2017 and 05/28/2019


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